Cybersecurity Applied Innovation Laboratory (CyAIL)

Dr. Brad Glisson and Student

Step into the forefront of cybersecurity research at the Cybersecurity Applied Innovation Laboratory (CyAIL) at Louisiana Tech University!

CyAIL isn’t just a lab; it’s a vibrant community of passionate faculty, dedicated undergraduate and graduate scholars, and esteemed industry partners. Together, we’re committed to tackling today’s and tomorrow’s most critical cybersecurity challenges.

Our diverse team operates at the cutting edge of multidisciplinary research, delving into vital areas such as digital forensics, vulnerability assessments, reverse engineering, malware analysis, blockchains, networking, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications.

With access to state-of-the-art research facilities and cutting-edge equipment, our faculty members are empowered to secure significant research funding and disseminate groundbreaking discoveries across governmental, commercial, and legal sectors.

At CyAIL, collaboration is our lifeblood, and innovation fuels our passion. We cultivate a culture of teamwork and relentless creativity, providing an operational and investigative ecosystem where cybersecurity and cyber forensics challenges meet swift resolution.

Our mission is crystal clear: to pioneer groundbreaking cybersecurity and cyber forensics research solutions that evolve with the ever-changing threat landscape. Located on the 1st floor of Nethkin Hall, room 157, CyAIL offers an environment where pioneering ideas flourish and practical solutions are refined.

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? For further details and exciting collaboration opportunities, please email Dr. William Bradley Glisson. Join us at CyAIL, where together, we’ll advance the field of cybersecurity and shape the future of digital security.


CyAIL meetings are scheduled every Monday at 12:30 pm in Nethken 157.

Please note that this timing is subject to change each quarter.