Scholarship Funding

CyAIL encourages and works with students to apply for the Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program and National Science Foundation Scholarships for Service scholarships as well as the Global Strike National Security Fellowship Program. If you are interested in these scholarships, please visit the links below.

Funded Research

Empowering Cybersecurity Education: The Cyber Assault Competition (CAC)

The Cyber Assault Competition (CAC) stands as a groundbreaking initiative aimed at elevating cybersecurity education and research. With backing from the Department of Defense (DoD), this initiative provides students with an immersive platform to hone their skills in system attacks.

At its core, the CAC is designed to foster cyber awareness among students by offering them a secure and dynamic environment to explore and master cybersecurity concepts. It serves as a vital component in shaping the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, equipping them with the practical knowledge and experience needed to safeguard digital infrastructures against evolving threats.

Hybrid Compute Plane (HCP)

The Hybrid Compute Plane (HCP) research project, supported by funding from the Louisiana Board of Regents for Departmental Enhancement, aims to pioneer new ground in exploring the behavioral parallels between quantum and analog computers. Our primary objective is to forge methodologies for addressing complex business challenges that have historically thwarted conventional digital computing methods.

This involves articulating these challenges within the appropriate mathematical framework, such as differential equations, and identifying the optimal computing approach – whether it be analog circuits, digital computation, or quantum computing – to swiftly deliver solutions with enhanced efficiency.

Through this endeavor, we seek to push the boundaries of our understanding of computing paradigms and their practical applications in real-world problem-solving scenarios.