Dr. Steven Jones

Associate Professor

Departments: Biomedical Engineering, Center for Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Sciences

Phone: 318.257.2288

Fax: 318.257.4000


Office: BMEB 206

Address: 818 Nelson Ave

Ruston, LA 71272


The Biofluid Mechanics Laboratory
Location: Biomedical Engineering Building 206
Dr. Jones’ research interests stem from biomedical applications of fluid dynamics. Applications include the improvement of Doppler ultrasound instruments for velocity measurement, modeling of pressure-flow relationships in the vascular access grafts used for dialysis, and modeling of the effects of transport and flow on the positive feedback and negative feedback control mechanisms for platelet activation and adhesion. The laboratory includes laser Doppler velocimetry equipment, a cone-in plate viscometer, a data acquisition computer, various PC computers, ultrasonic equipment, an anti-vibration table, a spectrum analyzer, physiological pressure transducers, Carolina Medical electromagnetic flow meters, a transit time flow meter, model manufacturing facilities, a single syringe infusion pump and a 10-syringe infusion pump.